14 August 2010

Things That Are True - Camelot

For reasons I cannot explain, I have had the soundtrack of Camelot running through my brain for most of this day. I haven't heard the music or seen the play in over 25 years - I guess 12 year old me is still "wonder[ing] what the king is doing tonight".

If I were a friend of the king, my 39 year old self would probably be wondering what the hell he was doing tonight, too. If I were the king myself, I'd be wondering if anyone out there was still wondering what I've been doing tonight, since I haven't blogged in forever.

For the six or maybe seven of you who do think of me fondly (and with exasperation) from time to time, well, I've been busy. I've also been thinking about why I blog, how much I want to blog, who I'm blogging for, and whether blogging here is the best use of my time, given that I'm launching a new business and all.

Will continue to ponder and share some of my thoughts once they ripen nicely.

In the meantime, look! Some cute!

Photo by Tracey at Bopomo Pictures


  1. You do what you gotta do. I'll read if and when you write, and I won't feel exasperated or irritated if you don't.

  2. Thanks, Amber. That means a lot to me.