20 August 2010

Things That Are Surprising - Friday Confession: Dishes

A couple of days ago, The Imp was being most helpful in the kitchen when we got home, taking groceries one by one out of the bags and handing them to me to put away. When that was done, we moved on to other tasks. He was very excited to carefully take each dish out of the dishwasher and put it on the counter for Mommy to put away. I was in a blissful state, enjoying this quiet, cooperative time with my little boy, and feeling more than a little mama pride at how happy he was to be so helpful. It's possible I wasn't paying quite as much attention as I should have been to what was happening to each dish between dishwasher and countertop. With ninety percent of the dishes out of the dishwasher and the job almost complete, I noticed that The Imp was carefully, so carefully, licking each dish before he put it on the counter.


I put them away anyway. I just couldn't face the job of remembering which dishes would need rewashing. And then rewashing them. And then rewashing everything else too because I wouldn't want to miss one. So I just sang "Lalalalalalalalala" to myself and firmly closed the cupboard doors, and went and read stories to The Imp before dinner.

Don't tell HWSNBN.

Wanna come for dinner?


  1. I'm am sure much worse things have crossed HWSNBN's lips, given some of the locales work once took us to. Much MUCH worse than his own son's spit.

  2. That is pretty cute. I can picture him sitting there doing that! My son is at the same age of becoming helpful. He is nearly 2 and insists on putting the cutlery away, or at least throwing it in the drawer.

  3. Oh yes. The Poptart does that too. I don't tell her dad :) And I'm pretty sure the Nanny doesn't tell me :)

    Ignorance = bliss.

  4. I'm not sure I've ever seen that, exactly, but I'm pretty sure that I would do the same thing if I did. When you have kids, you have germs. No way around it. Why make extra work for yourself?