02 April 2010

Things That Are Surprising - Happiness

Happiness is....

...a stack of blueberry waffles enthusiastically mixed up from scratch by your almost two year old. Whenever I make noises about doing some work in the kitchen, he runs to move a kitchen chair up against the counter to help me.  I never would have guessed that helping Mummy cook would be the thing that The Imp loves the most; not because he's a boy, but because it never occurred to me that he'd be so excited about it at such a young age. I'm also ecstatic because he's learning as a matter of course that quality food, made from scratch is an easy, every day occurrence, not a once-in-a-while special occasions only ordeal.

Again, a moment to quietly allow a speck of sentiment to run down my cheek. It's funny, I used to be quite cynical.Yet another way I did not realize becoming a mother would fundamentally change the way I look at the world.

Edited to add: This post is a part of Notes From the Cookie Jar's Food Revolution Fridays blog challenge.


  1. Those waffles really do like a stack of happiness on a plate.

  2. Those waffles look fantastic. I have never had a homemade waffle before. I think I'm missing out.

    I think it's so cool that the Imp is in the kitchen, helping you out. One of the best things about having kids is watching their personality develop. It's so interesting to see what they're interested in. My 3 yr son is not interested in cooking at all, but my 17 mth daughter is already in there every day helping mix or pour things. So cool.

  3. I think I'm smelling a waffle tweetup in the nearish future. Who's in?

  4. Please send them over right NOW!

  5. Yummers! I love waffles. Now I think I need to get a waffle maker (as if I need *another* cooking gadget).

    They look delicious!