04 November 2012

Things That Are True - Grace in Small Things

After yesterday's bummer of a post I thought I'd do my part today to wage the battle against embitterment.

The Imp's choice of attire for a lunch out yesterday
  1. A slow, lazy day with The Imp and HWSNBN today, with nothing more pressing to do than drop off laundry and hang out in a coffee shop. It's been a while, and it felt good.
  2. Abbott Laundromat. Their inexpensive drop off service is a small luxury that basically saves our marriage every weekend.
  3. The adorable thirteen month old in the coffee shop today, who thought big-kid-Imp was all that.
  4. The Imp rising to the occasion and sharing his book and stickers with the adorable thirteen month old unprompted.
  5. Non shoutiness, and today being much better than yesterday.
Inspired by Schmutzie's Grace in Small Things. That Schmutzie is the conduit of much internety goodness.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back, we really missed your blog. We hope that you will cut yourself some slack as it sure is hard to remain cheerful with the days seeming to be 20 minutes long. Re-read the sentence above about the imp sharing with a youngster he had never seen before. You are doing ok with the imp. Actually, better than ok.