01 September 2011

Things That Are Random - Thursday Night Edition

While I have not been here, I have been doing other things:

I wrote about why cycling rocks.

I wrote about sandwiches to salivate over.

I wrote about my five favourite things on Denman St.

That's right, I'm the new downtown contributor for Vancouver Mom!

I also waged battle against another Cold of Doom. I used to get the sniffles, feel yucky for a couple of days, and get over it. Now a cold lasts weeks, I'm unable to function for many days, and traces of it linger on long after the worst has passed. What's up with that? (I am not getting older. I am not getting older.)

Oh yeah, and I turned 41. (I am not getting older.)

BlogHer '11 was seventeen kinds of awesome, and then some. Every time I sit down to do a recap post, my head explodes.

Traverse Trip was seventeen different kinds of awesome. I'll do a recap post of that, too, when my head's done exploding from the other one.

Honestly, there's so much awesome in my life at the moment that I need a thesaurus to describe it.

You know what else is awesome? Sidewalk chalk, and a boy who won't stop moving, that's what.


  1. We love sidewalk chalk at our house too. Congrats on being a new contributer at Vancouver Mom.

  2. I think Meat and Bread was in an issue of Bon Appetit recently. We MUST visit. :)