24 August 2011

Things I Know Are True - 41st Birthday Edition

Me, at an unapologetic 41 years of age.

On the occasion of my 41st birthday, I thought I'd sit down, take stock, and write a list of things I know are true.*

  1. I don't need more storage space, I need less stuff. The battle against clutter must be vigilantly waged.
  2. I don't understand boots with open toes, or sandals with ankle cuffs.
  3. I'll never be one of the cool kids. Even the cool kids aren't the cool kids.
  4. The best way to save money is to stop buying stuff. When you do need to buy stuff, never pay list. (That being said, I'll never buy cheap ice cream, makeup, or toilet paper.)
  5. There are no flaws. (Thank you, Karen Walrond.) When I stop worrying about what other people think of me, I start to appreciate the beauty all around me. This song's been on constant repeat in my head the last few days.
  6. As I get older, I care less about looking foolish and I make less apologies for who I am.
  7. "Let's dance, Mommy!" is my cue to drop everything, pick up The Imp, and get my funk on. Best use of five minutes on any given day, and he'll be embarrassed by it soon enough.
  8. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing my friends and family enjoy a meal I've prepared.
  9. Wheaton's Law always applies.
  10. Leggings are not pants.

 Let's see what's on this list a year from now, shall we? In the meantime, what's true for you?

*These are things that are true for me. Your mileage may vary.


  1. 1)The raw power of beauty is sorely underestimated.
    2)Everything happens at the same time, good and bad. I find that accepting this simple truth helps me to hold space for the radical complexity that is life.
    3)You (this means all of us, especially women) are beautiful right now (not when you were “young”, or after you start working out more etc.)
    4)Occasional messiness, emotional or householdy, is not a crime.
    5)Trust and let go. Life hurts more when we labour under the delusion of control.
    6)Ditto re: leggings not being pants. See also “yoga pants are for doing yoga”.

  2. Well I just learned something! All Hail Wheaton's Law!

    One thing I know to be true is that pretty much everything you know to be true today may not be one day.

  3. I am so with you on the storage thing. Every time I find myself drawn to cute storage containers, I need to say "Walk away from the storage containers."

  4. Happy Birthday Alexis! I'm so glad I found your blog this year and have enjoyed following and reading it so much. Thank you! Here's to you on your 41st - cheers!

  5. happy birthday (from an unapologetic 46y old)
    my new motto, as i shamelessly stroll towards 50, is 'live with grace' - it seems to encompass so many of my current life goals and allows me the get out clause of 'live disgracefully' once i reach another milestone :)

  6. A great list.

    Happy Birthday, you are so beautiful!