29 December 2010

Things That Are True - Technological Marvels

A couple of days ago, I tweeted:

And it's true. Witness the technological marvel that adorns my kitchen counter:

All this is my way of saying, "Hello, I'm still alive. I'll write more soon. Maybe."

Also, a sneaky way of figuring out how to set up a youtube account, upload a video, and embed it on the blog. If this all works properly, expect more oeuvres of this masterful quality soon.


  1. That toaster is amazing.
    It's.... it's... so smooth.
    This morning I reflected on how high tech it was that mine won't let me push the bread down unless it's plugged in. This is AMAZING considering how many times I pushed it down and walked away with my old toaster, only to later find that indeed I had left it unplugged and still had frozen, untoasted bread.
    You're giving me toaster envy.

  2. Wow. Fancy toaster. Can't wait to see more videos.