14 November 2010

Things That Are True - The Sunday Morning Shower

It's possible that no 15 minute increment of time all week is as jealously protected and keenly anticipated as the Sunday morning shower.

Our morning rituals are pretty much the same every week. Monday to Friday is a free for all, just trying to get everyone ready and out the door is some sort of cohesive fashion. Saturday morning, HWSNBN gets to relax while I'm on point. But Sundays, ah Sundays. Sundays are mine.

Shower, Oswego Hotel, Victoria, a few minutes ago

It's the one morning a week that I get time to myself, time to be something other than a producer of food, perpetrator of discipline, seeker of teachable moments, reader of stories, and personal jungle gym to The Imp. The one morning that HWSNBN is around, awake, and on Imp Patrol so I can have as long a shower as I want, uninterrupted.

Of such small gifts to each other are great marriages made.


  1. An uninterrupted shower is a great gift, indeed. I'm glad you have the chance to enjoy yours. :)

  2. Usually my boy ends up joining me in the shower. It keeps him entertained and contained and it works. However, I am so with you on the showering alone part. The other day I had my 'Sunday Morning Shower' and I could not get over how much more relaxing and enjoyable it all was. Shaving my legs in peace, conditioning my hair. Oh heaven!

  3. With one and both of us working part-time, we often do a one person up, the other goes back to bed. Add in a kid nap and our day starts around 1 pm!