06 October 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Family Resemblance Edition

Me, age 2
The Imp, age 2
 When he was born, The Imp was all HWSNBN. Their newborn photos were interchangeable. I think maybe The Imp's starting to look a little more like me. What do you think? Do you see any resemblance?


  1. Well, you're both freakin' adorable - I know that for sure! Amanda

  2. My kids were the same - they both looked exactly like their father at birth. And then it changed, thankfully, to include a little bit of me.

    As for you two, I think I do see a resemblance. :)

  3. For sure!
    My daughter has my unhusband's......... ears.
    That's it. But LOTS of his personality.

  4. I dunno. I see _a lot_ of HWSNBN.

  5. I totally see a resemblance! Then again, I've never seen HWSNBN...but I definitely see you in him. Our little man goes back and forth between us depending on his expression!
    Happy Thanksgiving!