12 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Of Skinned Knees and Sunny Skies

Yesterday was a spectacular day - sunny and warm, and we spent a chunk of it at the playground, where The Imp learned that running headlong and falling down in the dirt while wearing shorts is very different than in long pants. There were tears.

He also learned that nothing beats hanging out with Grandpa and Daddy on a park bench on a sunny evening. There was great joy.

This post is part of A Lot of Loves' Wednesday of Few Words.


  1. You guys live in such a great location for just hanging out in the evening. I love how The Imp is awash in light in the bottom picture. It's like the light is coming from him.

  2. This photo almost brought a tear to my eye. Ok... it actually did but that's beside the point. Family is so important for the kidletts and including grandparents is such a part of that. Thank you so much for sharing this little slice of life.