23 May 2010

Things I'm Doing - Fit By Forty: Week 5

Week 5 (March 29 - April 4):  A Noticeable Difference

Week 5 marked the milestone of a full month of my Fit by Forty efforts. After the stress of Week 4, this week was all about getting back on track; back to the good habits I'd been forming. My husband commented at breakfast one morning as I was standing at the counter in my baggy old underwear making his morning cappucino (because I'm classy like that) that I was getting my figure back; apparently this week my waist decided to make an appearance at last. While I'm doing this for no one but me (and indirectly The Imp, I suppose) I'm not going to pretend that it didn't feel good when my mother in law, who knew nothing of my Fit by Forty mission, asked, "Have you lost weight?" at a family dinner. "Yes! Yes!" I practically shouted. "Nine pounds!!!" My vanity felt intensely gratified, I must say.

My skinny jeans. I am neither long nor lean, but Gap knows good marketing when they see it.

This was also the week that I tried on my "skinny" jeans for the first time since I was newly delivered of child. (Don't do that, by the way. The crying jag that follows takes way too much out of you. New moms need their energy for other stuff, like, oh I don't know, breathing.) I didn't fit into the skinny jeans yet, but I was getting closer. However, the "fat" jeans (we all have skinny and fat jeans, right? Please tell me I'm not alone in this) that I wore well into my fourth month of pregnancy now slipped off my hips without needing to undo the button or fly, so. Picture my happy face and me high fiving myself in front of the bedroom mirror. Which, by the way? Not so graceful. Find someone else to high five you. Trust me. If you do it alone you just look like you can't figure out how to clap properly.


I managed to get through the Easter weekend without a single taste of chocolate. And it wasn't even that hard. Now, if I'm to venture outside the Fit By Forty-compliant zone, it has to really be worth it. If I want chocolate, I take the time to go to Mink Chocolate and get the best. As far as regular eating goes, I use every trick in the book. Nothing revolutionary here, but some of the healthier habits I've developed include:

  • eat vegetables first, then the rest of my meal
  • stop eating the second I realize I'm not feeling hungry
  • exercise when I'm bored instead of snacking
  • make food from scratch instead of convenience foods
  • drink water instead of juice or pop
  • use smaller plates
  • use a smaller pot when reheating leftovers for lunch (we don't have a microwave)
  • treats in moderation (can't live without dessert ALL the time!)

This week I indulged in my favourite snack food of all time: a small bag of Cheezies. And they didn't even taste that good. I was so disappointed. I guess a month of fresh homemade no-additive food changed my system's definition of yum. Interestingly, after eating a small amount of junk food that I didn't even particularly enjoy, I wanted more. The cravings that set in were almost as strong as my first week of Fit by Forty. For me at least, eating The Bad Food only begets the desire for more; best to avoid it altogether.

Week 5 was more of the same as far as exercise goes; second verse, same as the first - lots of bike riding. I added a rule that when I'm not dressed up, carrying stuff, or with The Imp, I must take the stairs instead of the elevator up the 21 floors to our apartment. I don't do it every time, but even once a day makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.

Sneaking in more cardio without thinking about it - the key, for me, to sticking with it. If it's just a part of my daily routine, and not something special that I have to go somewhere else to do, it's far more likely to happen.

And now, for the numbers:
Starting weight: 149 lbs
Week 1 weight loss: 3.5 lbs
Week 2 weight loss: 3 lbs
Week 3 weight loss: 2 lbs
Week 4 weight loss: .5 lbs
Week 5 weight loss: 2.5 lbs
New weight: 137.5 lbs

I'm always looking for ways to keep this process fresh and interesting, so I'm asking for your advice: what are your good eating and exercising habits? Please let me know in the comments what works for you!


  1. I currently have 3 full wardrobes myself. The skinny wardrobe, the fat wardrobe, and the maternity wardrobe. So, you are totally not alone, not by a long shot.

    Go, Alexis!

  2. Sad as it is I have four wardrobes: maternity, my Fat one , things I 'used' to be able to wear' and things I want to wear..

  3. I walk everyday and every chance I get with and without my son. If we are going to our inlaws, I let my husband and son drive, and I walk. If I'm going somewhere farther, I park far away and walk the rest or take the bus half way. I have an ipod and I'm a walk-aholic.

  4. To some extent I have a couple of wardrobes. I gave away the few maternity clothes I had (I figure it'll be awhile if/when we decide to have a second and I'll be getting new clothes then), and I purged everything before I went to work.

    What remains is what fit me before I got pregnant. Most of my pregnancy weight gain was water and I lost it all within a couple of weeks of giving birth. Of course, I could have stood to lose about 30-40lbs BEFORE I got pregnant.

    I walk to the train most mornings which gets me going, and I try to do a dvd on my lunch break (although this last week with the head cold was a write off). And I signed up for a beginner boot camp on Saturdays (again, a write off today because of the vertigo).

    I'll stop hijacking your blog now :)