13 April 2012

Things That Are True - List the Second

Already Friday again, and here I sit, at my computer after 10pm, as usual. Thus, my second of 100 lists:

Ten Songs I Love and Know How to Play on the Guitar Even Though I'm Supposed to Be a Music Snob and Sneer at Some of Them

Wanna come over and jam?


  1. Wow I'm impressed. Next up -> shoot a few video of you rawking the guitar and post them to youtube. Nyuk nyuk.

  2. People can sneer all they like... I'd *love* to be able to play most of what's on this list. Right now is pretty much just Redemption Song and Puff the Magic Dragon... no matter what I do all my strumming patterns sound the same...

  3. Wish I had the kahoonas to put my blog link on my facebook page, yeah, I play all those on my six string too, and some others. I even sing the words!!!