19 November 2011

Things That Are True - Of Friends, and Fondue, and Elections, and Buffy

I spent this evening with girlfriends, gathered around the flickering blue light of the tv screen and the slightly less flickering lights of smart phones as we watched favourite episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, checked twitter, gossiped, ate (a truly epic spread of food) and monitored election results.

We rocked the multitasking, yo.

Not pictured: chocolate fondue pot, cheese fondue pot, bread platter

Also, if anyone's at Mayor Gregor's victory party tonight and catering's running low, we have an impressive array of leftovers we could drop off.

Sometimes a quiet night in with good friends is exactly the right thing to do. Thank you Gwen, Tracey, and Sandi. Let's do it again soon.

Maybe with slightly less food. (Urp.)

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