05 May 2011

Things That Are True - Kid + Grownup Clothes = Cute

We have a very happy little Canucks fan, here wearing HWSNBN's retro hockey sweater.

The only time I ever think twice about living downtown is during the NHL playoffs when the Canucks are having a successful run.

Longer spring days mean The Imp insists, "It's morning time!" as the prolonged sunset creeps in past his dark curtains at bedtime.

And loud cheers from balconies and open apartment windows all around us put the lie to my, "Okay buddy, the game's over, time for bed!" when it's really only the end of the second period.

I can usually explain the "they just scored" cheers away just by saying that people are happy the Canucks won the game. He accepts that. "I'm happy too!" he says. "Go, Canucks, go!" he shouts before I get him calmed down enough to drift off.

The day The Imp figures out there are three periods in a hockey game? I'm hooped.


  1. LOL, love it! I wonder how long it will be till he figures it out... not THIS season, I hope!

  2. Oh, I *love* this! LOVE the picture and adore his Canucks fever. :)