26 January 2011

Things That Are True - Overwhelm

I've been feeling a little like I'm barely holding together the various unraveling threads of my life lately. I've reached a constant state of overwhelm. Nothing particular, just everything all at once. You know how it is. (Please say you know how it is.)

It's been a day.

I forgot my wallet and phone at home this morning. Never a good idea.

The Imp and I walked out of his gymnastics class (or if you ask The Imp, "I do parkour!") just in time to see my car in the process of being towed away. (I am an unrepentant receiver of many parking tickets.)

The bad news: I got another parking ticket.

The good news? The tow truck driver took pity on my walletless state, backed the car back into its expired spot, and left without further incident.

There's a good chance that The Imp standing on the sidewalk crying, "Don't take the car away! It's not broken! Don't take the car away!" over and over may have been a factor in the driver's decision to just get the hell out of there.

You win some, you lose some.


But this? This is made of win.


  1. oh that overwhelmed feeling! been there, still doing that, got my pic in a book for blogging about it too :)

    it does get better

  2. ok yes your not alone about being overwhelmed! hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

  3. You are not alone. In the end I hope that photo made it a bit better. Do you know how talented you are? I LOVE that photo. OMG it's precious!

  4. You are so not alone. Somedays I feel like overwhelmed is my middle name. I can only imagine that feeling of your car being towed away and having NO way to get home or call someone to get you home. That was one rare tow truck driver.

  5. I do know how it is.

    I hope that today has been better. And I'm glad, at least, that they didn't actually tow your car.

  6. I LOVE that photo. That screams to be framed and hung in your apartment.

    My week has kind of been that way-so yes, I can relate. A lot. Hope the next few days are better. :)

  7. That's an awesome story! "Don't take the car away!"

  8. Love the optimism! And the nice tow truck driver... though it only happened in movies :)