24 March 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I was looking through some old photos yesterday and stumbled across this one.

Me, the morning of my wedding. My friend Heather caught a final quiet moment before the mayhem of The Getting Ready began.

This was almost seven years and 20 pounds ago. It's now my motivation for my fitbyforty mission.


  1. I love that photo. It's very evocative. I can see why you chose it as your inspiration!

    And, I must say, you are serving as my inspiration. One of them anyways. You and your bike-riding self!

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  3. See, and you serve as MY inspiration, Amber. You're so fearless as you craft your life and chart these unknown waters. And your daily posts set the bar very high indeed.

    Yay internets!

  4. Go Lexi! If you're making cake and feel the need not to eat it, just send it my way ;)