07 April 2009

Things That Are Surprising - My Own Reactions, Also: Link Love

Alas, the Bumbo seat is no longer an adequate means of restraint. I knew this day would come, but I'm not really ready for it, in the same way that I'm not really prepared to see The Boy's grin now full of teeth. He looks less like a baby and more like a little boy every day. And when I first realized that, I died a little bit inside.

Don't get me wrong, I celebrate the milestones - my heart cheers every time he masters a new skill: the crawling, pulling himself up, self-feeding... It's just that he's one of one. We're not planning on having any more children. So this is it.

One child has always been the plan, so it's shocking to me that I'm reacting so viscerally to this, and I'm not expressing myself very well. Fortunately, Jessica Gottlieb has been here before me.

Here's her post on the subject.

And here's some link love for more writing that has knocked me on my ass in the last few weeks:

Sharon's take on why we never throw rocks.

Her Bad Mother's contribution to the adoption/abortion discussion.

And something a little lighter for this sunny Tuesday.


  1. Oh! I ~completely~ understand how you feel. Colie is 11 weeks old and I'm finding myself getting sad about her sleeping through the night now, losing that puffy eye look, holding her head up better. Plus, despite my quest to "whip myself back into shape" I find my tummy to be very boring and kind of depressing. No baby in there. Colie is our last, but that is hard to accept. :-(
    "Babyhood" is so wonderful, it's hard to see it go.

  2. My little one is about 7 months and he can now escape his bumbo seat, need to start baby proofing the house!